3 Days of Attractions in Tokyo

Tokyo is also named as “the land of rising sun”. There is a variety of things to do in the city when you get three days to roam around. It is not easy to visit every place in 72 hours whereas you can visit most of the places by proper planning. Transportation system is very efficient and well connected to every part of the city. 

Tokyo Japan City Skyline

Day 1:

Traditional Japanese breakfast includes miso soup, fermented soy beans (natto), rice, grilled fish and pickled vegetables with green tea. Try this delicious breakfast at Asakusa. There are a plenty of restaurants, shops, an amusements park and many famous attractions like Senso Ji temple, Nakamise street and Kuritsu Sumida park. 


Kuritsu Sumida park is the place where most of the festivals and fireworks are organized.  

Nakamise street is the famous shopping street of Tokyo with many local, international brands and many unusual product stores. 

Nakamise Shopping Street - Tokyo

Kaminarimon gate is also known as tunder gate is a huge gate in the north. This gate has guardian statue on both sides and a massive lantern in the middle. 

Sensoji temple is the oldest Tendai Buddhist temple in Tokyo. This temple became independent after world war II. 

Asakusa, Tokyo

You can also take a cruise trip in Sumida river. 

Have lunch in one of the wonderful food places and grab a coffee from a cat café. This café has many feline friends. 

Ueno Park is a spacious park established in 1873 that belongs to Temple of Kan’ei-ji. This is the best place to see the cherry blossom season of Japan from late March to early April. Some other activities in the park are Shinobazu Pond, Ueno zoo visit, see a statue of famous general Saigo Takamori, Toshogu Shrine, museums and cultural hall of Tokyo. 

Night Cherry Blossom in Ueno Park 07

After the park, visit Akihabara for a wonderful evening. There are many tiny stalls, department stores, video games centers, manga and anime venues and much more. It is famous for electronics like phones, cameras, computers and much more. 

Don’t forget visiting a maid’s café (where girls dress up as maids and serve food) or any other cosplay café and Pachinko parlor (a slot machine place). 

Maid Café promotion @ Akihabara

Day 2:

Toyosu Fish Market is the best place to start a morning with delicious sea food. It is the largest fish market in the world. Enjoy a massive sushi breakfast in the market. You can check the website to learn about timings and auction schedule of the market. 

Learning about seafood distribution at New Tokyo Fish Market in Japan

After fish market, you can visit your accommodation for a shower and head towards the next attraction. If you don’t like fish, then skip fish market, hop on the tube and head towards Harajuku. 

You can spend an entire day in Harajuku as there are a lot of things to do. It is known for its lively vibe, colorful street art, vintage stores, youth fashion, upmarket boutiques and cosplay shops. There are many restaurants and cafes where you can have breakfast or lunch. 

Visit one of the largest parks of Tokyo where many events are organized like Japanese rock shows, art club events, cosplays and more. There are open green spaces, ponds, fountains and much more. It also has a popular Meiji Shrine. 

Formidable wooden gate leading to the Meiji shrine

Takeshita Street is a shopping street with many restaurants, cafes and fashion boutiques. It is a trendy youth culture space with many trendy teens coming for shopping and showing their unique fashion sense. 

For a nice evening, you can visit observation deck of Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. You can see amazing panoramic views of the city without sending a penny. 

You can either have food after that and call it a night or visit the Samurai museum. You can also have a different experience of having dinner at the robot restaurant. 

Monsterbots dance, Robot Restaurant, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Day 3:

Start day three with a royal morning. Visit Imperial palace and have you breakfast in one of the eateries on the way. Food places near attractions are mostly expensive so if you want to save some amount then have breakfast at your accommodation.  

Tokyo Imperial Palace

Wadakura fountain Park is located near the imperial palace. If you want to check out one more park in the city, then Hibiya park is near to enjoy coffee. There are many restaurants and cafes near the area. You can have lunch after visiting parks. 

Wadakura Funsui Park @ Marunouchi

Ginza is a premier shopping district with many luxury stores, restaurants and cafes. The Central Chou Dori street remains closed from April to September. You can see many interesting things in Ginza such as Kabuki show, visit Sony and Nissan showrooms and Tsukiji fish market to have fresh sush

Ginza 4-chome Crossing

Skip the fish market if you want to avoid smelling like fish in the evening and visit Tokyo Tower or Shibuya crossing. 

Roppongi Hills is a latest integrated property development project of Tokyo. There are mnay apartments, office spaces, movie theatres, restaurants and much more. Here is an observatory and Mori art museum. 

Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

Ride Mario Kart in real life. It will allow you to dress up as famous character and ride the cart in Tokyo. You need international driver’s permit and cart booking ahead of time. 

Tokyo is a huge and expensive city whereas there are many things which you can do for free or very less charges.  

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