3 Days of Shopping in Tokyo

Tokyo is an amazing city where you can eat, roam around, learn and do endless shopping. Almost every luxury brand in the world, has a store in Tokyo. There are many unique shopping place which sell astonishing, weird and bizarre things. Here is a 3-day shopping plan of Tokyo that includes all the cheap, expensive, luxury, weird and wonderful options.  

Day 1:

Tokyo has many shopping districts whereas the best one is Ginza. This area has some of the chic, elegant, prettiest boutiques and sparkling department stores. It has everything you need.  

Mitsukoshi is a typical Japanese shopping place with high quality good and trendy Japanese fashion. There is a huge food hall in the basement where you can get delicious snacks. 

Tokyo - Ginza: Mitsukoshi

Dover Street Market has art installations, high class brands and a variety of fashion products especially accessories. You can find a lot of quirky and hipster items in the department stores of Dover street market. 

Tokyo - Aoyama: Comme de Garçons Aoyama

Itoya is a fantastic place for stationary lovers. You can find a huge variety of products which are inspired by anime characters and comics. Buy your favourite diary, travel book, washi tapes and other interesting products from itoya. 


Shimokitazawa Station is the home to very interesting vintage shops. You will find some items that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. It is a trendy, cool and wonderful neighbourhood. There are many interesting places to spend evening so stay here for nightlife.  

Visit Flamingo for cheap, vintage clothing. There are huge collections from 40s to 80s. Haight and Ashbury is another popular vintage items place that sells antique dresses and old lace items. They also have a range of men’s wear from the past. 

Lion-do, shop for Sumo size clothing at Ryogoku in Tokyo

Day 2:

You need a lot of money if you want to do shopping in Tokyo because there are a lot of things which are attractive and so unique that you cannot find them anywhere else in the world.  

Start day 2 from Ohi racecourse flea market. It is the most popular flea market in Japan. It is among the biggest flea markets in the country with more than 600 vendors. It is near Oikeibajo station 

Flea Markets in Japan

Yoyogi park hosts different flea markets such as Japanese Antique Market, earth day market (organic and ethical products market) and many other markets. 

Benefits of visiting flea markets is that sometimes you get unusual and amazing things which are rare and cannot be found anywhere else. 

Yoyogi Park

Day 3:

There are different outlet malls in Tokyo where you can buy a variety of things in affordable prices. Shopping from outlet malls is a great option for budget travelers. Visitors can find western style outfits and shoes in all important sizes. 

Venus Fort is famous for many international brand stores. This is a regular shopping mall with many outlets of clothing, shoes and accessories brands. It is a very beautiful place with an artificial sky and fountain. There are about 180 shops and restaurants.

Tokyo - Odaiba: Palette Town - Venus Fort

Unique and Weird Places in Tokyo

There are a plenty of unique and weird things in Tokyo to shop. You can not only buy them for yourself but can gift to loved ones. It offers a different experience that nobody can have anywhere else in the world.  

Gotokuji Temple is a very unique Buddhist temple. There are cats sculpture stalls. This is a family friendly place and cats are called Maneki-Neko. It is said that it will bring more customers, if you buy a sculpture cat and place it in front of your business. They are very cute and can be purchased as a decoration piece. 

Gotokuji Temple

Tokyo station’s character street is located on the B1 floor. You can find a variety characters like Crayon Shinchan, Studio Gibli, Dragon ball, Pokemon, Miffy and many more. There are many large stores of Lego and a Japanese version of hotwheels called tomica. 

Tokyo Character Street

Mega Don Quijote is located in Shibuya. It is a one stop shop where people can buy a variety of weird and strange things. Different collections include booze, sex toys, candy, board games, household goods and many more things. 

Shibuya Mega Don Quijote

Shop Fake Food from different Japanese restaurants and food shops. One of the fake food shop is Ganso sample-ya where you can find food mobile phone covers, magnates, key chains etc. You can also buy life size fake Japanese foods. Like omurice, udon, ramen and tempura.

Sampuru Fake Food

There are a plenty of wonderful things to shop in Tokyo. You can look for some unique souvenirs for your loved ones.  

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