“Cinderella fit” otaku goods from 100-yen store are god items for anime and manga fans

Japanese otaku know where to buy the most effective display goods.

Recently, our Japanese-language reporter Saya Togashi attended the Kimetsu no Yaiba Gotoge Koyoharu Exhibition, which is being held from 26 October-12 December on the Mori Arts Centre Gallery in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills complex.

As fans will know, Kimetsu no Yaiba is understood overseas as Demon Slayer, and it’s an immensely popular anime series that began off as an immensely popular manga series illustrated by Japanese artist Gotoge Koyoharu.

Being an enormous Demon Slayer fan, Saya couldn’t resist purchasing an enormous swag of products from the gift shop on the exhibition, but once she got home, she found herself in a quandary experienced by many otaku of their lives — how one can display all her arty goods.

Hopping online to search out an answer to her problem, she got here across an in-the-know tip from the otaku community about 100-yen chainstore Seria, which has a corner dedicated to items for collectors. Luckily for Saya there was a Seria not removed from her place, so she was in a position to stop by and pick up all the pieces she needed to exhibit her Demon Slayer loot.

▼ Saya’s Seria haul.

Branded as “Wotatomo Series” (“Geek’s Friend Series”) or “My Collection” goods, these Seria products are designed to cater to the needs of otaku, and Saya was super impressed with the range available.

▼ First up, she purchased a “My Collection A4 Clear Holder Stand“, which is completely perfect for displaying clear files.

Clear files are a ravishing and inexpensive approach to collect manga or anime art, making them an ordinary purchase for a lot of otaku. The one problem is, they’re not at all times easy to display, as frames may be bulky and expensive, but this Seria item is specially designed for clear files, with a slim, lightweight design, and the choice to either have it hang or stand, vertically or horizontally.

One of the best thing about this product, though, is the claws in each corner, which assist you to slide the file in easily and keep it in place without damaging it, even in case you decide to keep it in its plastic covering for dust protection.

▼ That is what’s referred to as a “Cinderella fit“, when an item matches perfectly, similar to Cinderella’s glass slipper when it’s slipped onto her foot within the fairytale.

You may tell these goods are perfectly thought out with the needs of otaku in mind, and that’s true as well with this next item, the “My Collection Key Ring Display Case“.

Look how perfectly these keychains are displayed! Saya couldn’t help but let loose a squeal of pleasure at how gorgeous these looked of their latest case.

The eye to detail is incredibly impressive, as you may decide to display the keychains with or without the paper tags that include them, and the auxiliary hooks on the back assist you to hang keychains with longer straps as well.

Next up, we now have the “My Collection Mini Shikishi File“, which is designed for use exclusively for the “Mini Shikishi”, square cardboard mementos, often given out as freebies to visitors after they enter an event.

Saya had quite just a few of those so with the ability to slide them into one collection was like making a mini art book. Saya absolutely loved the way in which it looked, and he or she also appreciated the dust protection it provided for her precious items.

Next up is one other god-like “Cinderella fit” item that Saya will certainly be purchasing more of in future: the “Collection Case“.

These are perfect for shielding and displaying all those cardboard coasters that come free with drinks at themed cafes. Incredibly easy to make use of, all you’ve to do is raise the quilt, pop your coaster in after which click the lid shut over it.

Saya has long been searching for a approach to display all her beautiful cardboard coasters, but square-shaped frames sufficiently small for the job are incredibly hard to search out.

▼ That made the Cinderella fit here much more of a joyous surprise!

What’s more, you may connect additional cases together, creating a complete display wall in case you so desire.

▼ Whoever designed these is an absolute genius!

One other genius item is the “Wotatomo Series Mini Shikishi Collection Frame“, which is the right size for framing mini shikishi.

When she visited the Demon Slayer exhibition, Saya received a special illustration card exclusively for visitors, and this frame was such an ideal fit it almost made Saya cry with happiness.

▼ This joyous “Thanks for coming to the unique image exhibition!” message from Gotoge definitely deserves an ideal frame.

Other useful products include the “My Collection Display Case with Partition“, which makes it easy to see small items like keychains and tin badges…

▼ …the “Acrylic Key Holder Stand” that gives greater mobility to your favourite characters…

▼ …and the “Protect Inner Sleeve” which preserves precious trading cards.

Because of Seria, Saya was in a position to arrange her very own Demon Slayer exhibition at home, displaying all these beautiful items that may’ve otherwise been tucked away on shelves or stored in drawers.

Despite purchasing quite a lot of accessories, this wasn’t even all the pieces they’d available within the otaku corner at Seria, and what makes it much more unbelievable is that they’re all priced at 110 yen (US$1.39) each.

So in case you’re searching for a approach to display all of your anime goods, make sure you put Seria in your list of places to buy in Japan, before immersing yourself on this planet of Demon Slayer at Universal Studios Japan.

Photos: ©SoraNews24
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