Don’t throw away your watermelon rinds. Easy trick to show watermelon leftovers into delicious treats

All the time tasty but especially refreshing in the warmth, watermelons are near the highest of the list in terms of summer fruit. This is especially true in Japan, where you will find watermelon-flavored items of all types when the summer rolls around.

But not everyone seems to be a giant fan of watermelon rinds, and sometimes even should you do, you are left over with something a bit too thick and you may feel such as you’re forced to discard them. To that, Japanese vinegar company Mizkin says “not so fast!” As many on Japanese social media celebrated July 27 as “Watermelon Day”, Mizkin took to Twitter to share some helpful advice — easy methods to turn watermelon rinds into tasty treats for individuals who cannot often eat them.

Their advice was to dice them up and switch them into tsukemono, Japanese pickles.

Mizkin recommends scraping off as much as you’ll be able to from the toughest green a part of the rind, and cubing the leftover white and pink bits, which may be tossed right into a Ziploc bag to pickle with vine. Specifically, Mizkan recommends using their very own lemon flavored rice vinegar, which if overseas, it’s possible you’ll find a way to search out on the Asian goods section of your supermarket or perhaps online. Even without that, you’ll be able to get creative regular rice vinegar and adding citrus to your liking.

Tsukemono made with rice vinegar in Japan, called suzuke, are likely to have more crunch (perfect for watermelon rinds!) and a sweet and sour flavor.

The suggestion was a giant hit on Twitter, particularly amongst individuals who have been a bit at a loss as to what to do with their rinds. The recommendation appears to be inspired by a trend of pickling watermelon rinds that has taken root in Kumamoto prefecture.

With so many flavor mixtures between vinegar types and citrus seasoning, why not try whipping up some watermelon pickles next time?

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