Eat Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield and other superhero dishes at Marvel Cafe

Themed cafes are a giant a part of Japanese fan culture, resulting in awesome menu items based on anime, movies, video games and more. Recently, a specific cafe in Tokyo called ‘Oh My Cafe’ has been using various Disney franchises as their inspiration for some temporary events, corresponding to their Pixar FestStar Wars cafe and most recently, Winnie the Pooh’s Hunny Cafe.

Now their latest enterprise must be of interest to fans of the Marvel Universe and the group of superheroes that inhabit it. The Marvel Cafe’s menu includes a complete lineup of food and drinks themed around characters and motifs from the franchise’s back catalogue of films.

For the reason that cafe is inspired by superheroes, efforts have been made to make sure that the dishes on offer are healthy, and the concept is “power, courage, talent, justice, and companionship.”


In case your favorite hero is Captain America you possibly can pay tribute to him by going for the tomato pasta which has the character’s shield design within the food.


But only order the hammer curry, shaped like Mjolnir, for those who think you’re as strong as Mighty Thor, otherwise you would possibly not have the option to lift it.


Some dishes, moderately than featuring logos and characters, are literally based on a food item within the story, corresponding to “Spiderman’s Usual Number 5 Chicken Sandwich.”


Black Widow also makes an appearance with a suitably dark coloured squid ink gratin.


Fans can wash these dishes down with a variety of character-inspired, colourful beverages corresponding to Captain America’s ramune soda.


Or Iron Man’s cherry option.


In fact a themed cafe wouldn’t be complete without an in depth souvenir shop, and this cafe has a complete collection of awesome Marvel goods to grab up.


The cafe is being produced by “Oh My Cafe,” but not hosted there unlike a few of their other Disney themed revelries. Slightly, it could possibly be found at Tokyo Box cafe&space in Omotesando until Nov 29. More information corresponding to the total menu and reserve could be found on the official website.

Source: PR Times

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