End of the road for Gundam Cafe as entire chain declares everlasting closure

It was literally just a number of days ago that we were all excited in regards to the announcement of some latest menu items at Japan’s Gundam Cafes which recreate food and drinks seen inside the hit mecha franchise. And while we’re still looking forward to trying them, irrespective of what seasonings the chefs use we’re pretty sure their flavor goes to be bittersweet, because they is perhaps the last meals we ever have on the anime eateries.

Right away, there are 4 Gundam Cafes in Japan. Two of those are in Tokyo (one in otaku mecca Akihabara and the opposite in Odaiba, right next to the full-scale Unicorn Gundam statue), the second is in Osaka, and the fourth is in Fukuoka. On Nov 1, though, got here the sudden announcement that all 4 of them shall be closing permanently in lower than three months.

No reason for the closure has been given, however it’s likely that the severe travel downturn brought on by the pandemic played a big part in the choice. All the cafes are situated in neighborhoods that, under normal public health conditions, receive large numbers of holiday makers not only from other parts of Japan, but from overseas as well, with even non-otaku tourists often wanting to take a peek on the fan culture of Akihabara or gaze up on the Odaiba Gundam’s transforming (but not Transformer) face.

The shutdown brings to a detailed greater than a decade of Gundam Cafe history, and the chain took a moment to thank its fans while breaking the news:

“We opened our first cafe in Akihabara in April of 2010, and our customers have supported us at every step along the best way. On behalf of our entire staff, we’re more grateful to you than words can express.

We don’t have much time left, but we’ll proceed doing our utmost so that everybody who visits can have wonderful memories to take home, and we hope you’ll enjoy yourselves at our cafes right up until the very end.”

▼ The closing of the Akihabara branch will even be the top of the attached Zeon’s Diner Tokyo and Fortunelatte Caffe takeout counter.

Photo: Gundam Cafe

There may be a sliver of hope in that the announcement ends with “Please look ahead to our next project,” so perhaps we’ll see the restaurant chain make a comeback like Sega recently did after closing certainly one of its most famous Tokyo landmark arcades.

The last day for Gundam Cafe Osaka shall be Jan 10, with Gundam Café Tokyo Brand Core (Akihabara), Gundam Cafe Odaiba, and Gundam Cafe Fukuoka shuttering on Jan30. The cafe on the Gundam Factory Yokohama facility will remain in operation, but only until the top of March 2022, when your entire center will shut down, at which point we’ll don’t have any selection but to subside on those canned Zeon rations.

Source: Gundam Cafe via Hachima Kiko

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