Godiva celebrates 50 years in Japan with sweet sake and white chocolate beverage

Godiva are known for his or her luxurious Belgian chocolate. It is a fact they capitalised on once they brought out a chocolate beverage with real gold leaf of their Japanese stores to have fun the anniversary of the Chocolixir drink a number of years ago.

But other than these decadent treats, they’re also prepared to dive into regional specialties and Japan-inspired flavors. This month Godiva launched a special version of the Chocolixir, available only in Nagasaki, that riffs on the famous Nagasaki Milkshake, a well-liked local dessert.

Now to mark fifty years for the reason that brand appeared within the Japanese market, they’re taking over one other Japanese classic. Ranging from next month, a frozen beverage will appear for a limited time only, combining each Godiva’s white chocolate and amazake. Literally meaning sweet sake, amazake is a conventional Japanese drink created from fermented rice. But contrary to the name, it is generally low-alcohol or non-alcoholic.

Godiva’s beverage, Chocolixir Koji and White Chocolate, is non-alcoholic so it may well be enjoyed by everyone. Koji refers back to the malted rice which is used as a starter when manufacturing sake. The rice theme is built on further with the rice puffs decorating the drink’s whipped cream topping.

The Chocolixir Koji and White Chocolate is on sale at branches of Godiva in Japan which have Chocolixir drinks on their menu. An everyday size might be 690 yen, and a big one will set you back 790 yen.

Source: PR Times

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