Hard Rock Cafe opens in Kyoto, featuring unique menu items and merchandise

The Hard Rock Cafe has a brand new branch in Kyoto, incorporating elements of ancient Japan with modern casual dining (and rock and roll, in fact), and we’ve just came upon much more in regards to the exclusive menu items and and merchandise they’re offering.

The brand new branch is positioned within the Gion Shirakawa area, where traditional machiya-style houses should not unusual.

▼ Hard Rock Cafe’s recent Kyoto location blends in perfectly with the environment:

So let’s take a have a look at the unique menu items you may enjoy only on the cafe’s Kyoto branch.

● Miso Wasabi Burger (2,180 yen)


This variation on Hard Rock Cafe’s classic burger includes seasonal Japanese pickled vegetables, tomatoes, lettuce and a special miso-based sauce spiced with wasabi. The zest of the wasabi should mix extremely well with the juicy flavor of the hamburger patty.

● Yakitori Chicken Wings (1,280 yen)


These chicken wings flavored with teriyaki sauce are served with grilled Kujo green onions in a skewered yakitori style. They needs to be particularly tasty with traditional Kyoto pepper seasoning you could add on as you want.

Vegetable Sushi Rolls (1,380 yen)


Fresh and colourful Kyoto grown vegetables and pickles, together with Kujo green onions and Hard Rock Cafe’s original guacamole complete the ingredients for this sushi roll. The Kyo-yasai, as vegetables from Kyoto are called, make this a very local dish.

Raindrop Cake with Ice Cream (980 yen)


This translucent raindrop cake is made with local Kyoto water and served with kinako soybean powder constituted of Tanba black soybeans in addition to sweet Tanba black soybeans stewed in syrup and likewise a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

And naturally, we are able to’t forget the merchandise! The next 4 items are Japan-exclusive products that may only be purchased on the Kyoto location.

Tenugui Hand Towel (3,000 yen)


These hand towels (tenugui), available in two designs featuring geisha and maiko playing band instruments, are hand-crafted by Kyoto-based Eirakuya, the oldest cotton/cloth merchant in Japan, with a 400 12 months history.

● Japanese Lacquer mini-plate (4,200 yen each)


These wood mini-plates coated with Japanese lacquer (urushi) can be found in six vivid colours and decorated with characters from the favored Choju Giga scrolls posing as rock band players. The plates are created by specialty urushi merchant Isuke Shoten, which has been dealing in lacquerware for roughly 180 years.

● Traditional Folding Fan (38,000 yen)


Folding fans have a protracted history in Kyoto, and this fan which again features characters from the Choju Giga illustrated scrolls, is created by Miyawaki Baisennan, a fan manufacturer with over 190 years of history. The fan is available in two colours, navy and brown.

● Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth (3,800 yen)


These wrapping cloths (furoshiki), created by 164-year-old dye specialists Okaju, are decorated with various patterns including guitar and record illustrations, using the unique Kyoto Yuzen approach to dyeing. The pop design looks good in each of the colours the material is available in, red and purple.

And listed here are the items available only on the Kyoto Hard rock Cafe branch.

Kyoto Branch Opening Commemorative Pin (1,800 yen)


This special pin commemorating the opening of the Kyoto Branch is limited to 800 pieces, so if you happen to’re in Kyoto, it’s possible you’ll need to grab one before they’re gone.

Kyoto Branch Opening Commemorative T-shirt (3,800 yen)


The commemorative T-shirt is decorated with the identical design because the pin and is out there in sizes S~XXL.

● Kyoto Exclusive T-shirt with kimono-style pattern (4,000 yen)


This T-shirt contains a lovely kimono-like print in stylized flower, pine and Japanese maple leaf patterns and is out there in sizes S~XL.

And naturally, since that is Hard rock Cafe, additionally they house music-related memorabilia as well, and within the case of the brand new Kyoto location, the gathering features a Taylor Swift stage outfit, a tambourine utilized by Prince, Madonna’s jewelry, Bon Jovi’s guitar, and Eminem’s bandanna, amongst others.

For visitors to Kyoto searching for dining options apart from traditional Japanese fare, the increasing variety of casual and western decisions in Kyoto from coffee chains to hamburger joints needs to be welcome news, and we’re sure the cool Japanese souvenirs on this instance can only add to the appeal. In the event you ever make your method to Hard Rock Cafe Kyoto, we hope you might have a banging, rocking time.

Restaurant information

Hard Rock Café Kyoto / ハードロックカフェ京都

Address: Kyoto-shi, Higashiyama-ku, Nakanocho, Shinmonzendori Yamato Oji Higashi Iri Motoyoshicho 67

京都市東山区新橋通大和大路東入元吉町 67番地

Open: 11 a.m.- 11 p.m. (Last order: 10 p.m. for foods, 10:30 p.m for drinks)


Source, images: PR Times 

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