Japanese festival-inspired bread lineup, including okonomiyaki bread, lands at convenience stores

Summer is the time for festivals in Japan. This implies fireworks displays, wearing yukata, and naturally, delicious festival food.

The usual festival food, which is served up at stalls at any time when there’s an event on, is immediately recognizable to Japanese people. Only one have a look at these treats and they’re going to immediately recall fond summer memories.

It is smart then, that Family Mart have chosen this theme for his or her lineup of bread appearing this season. These 4 recent baked goods are all based on classic festival fare, including each sweet and savory options.

First up is the grilled corn-inspired bread. It doesn’t only appear like corn, with its lattice pattern and yellow color, but it surely also tastes prefer it too. The dough is corn flavored, and it has soy sauce slathered corn inside.

Photo: PR Times

Next is the okonomiyaki bread, which looks very just like the actual thing. It has a yakisoba filling which can replicate okonomiyaki’s noodle and cabbage-heavy taste.


Photo: PR Times

Sweets are a must at a festival, and a well-liked option is the chocolate banana. It’s normally half covered in chocolate with multi-colored sprinkles, and Family’s Mart’s bread has this look all the way down to a T.


Photo: PR Times

Lastly, there’s the colourful candied apples. The red jelly coating tastes like apple, and the filling is an apple jam.


The packaging can be based on the type of food stall banners normally seen at festivals.


Photo: PR Times

The lineup will be present in Family Mart convenience stores throughout Japan.

Source: PR Times

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