Kirby Cafe locations so as to add Kirby’s Dream Buffet-inspired dessert

Kirby Café locations in Japan are celebrating the arrival of Kirby’s Dream Buffet with a brand new menu item! Kirby Cafés already offer quite a wide selection of Kirby-themed foods, but with Kirby’s Dream Buffet being completely food-focused, it only is smart to have a real-life snack to match.

Kirby Café Tokyo and Kirby Café Hakata will probably be adding the above sweet tart dish to their menus starting Sept. 1st, 2022. As you possibly can see, the dessert takes direct inspiration from Kirby’s Dream Buffet, all the best way right down to Kirby’s extra-round appearance.

The Kirby’s Dream Buffet sweet tart will probably be priced at roughly $12.

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