Make beautiful blue ice cream sodas with clear confectionery artist tomei’s soda syrup Reiu

Japanese artist tomei, whose name (透明 in Japanese) means clear or transparent, focuses on clear confectionaries and art objects. We previously introduced her stunning blue sky jelly cake, and you’ll be able to see others prefer it on her Twitter account:

Reiu: Herbal soda syrup inspired by a soothing summer rain


Photo: PR Times

Recently, tomei collaborated with non-alcoholic beverage brand SHINRA on a singular herbal soda syrup called Reiu 零雨.

Reiu is constituted of juniper berries, which can be an ingredient in gin, in addition to lavender and bergamot. Inspired by its soothing blue hue and flavor, tomei named it Reiu, meaning “a rain that brings a way of tranquility and clarity to the mind, expressing the moment while you notice a refreshing summer rain that begins to fall quietly.”

It was developed to create a cool and relaxing experience, with an aroma and taste that can satisfy even the slowest of sips. Combining tomei’s visuals that convey a way of transparency, specially chosen music, and SHINRA’s expertise on mixing herbal ingredients, it is a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll be able to enjoy with your whole senses.

Reiu was so highly anticipated that a preliminary lot of 100 sold out only 2 hours after they went on sale on June twenty third, 2022.

Unboxing experience

As soon as we took the package out of the cardboard shipping box, the experience began. The message: “Have a good time your feelings,” invited us to clear our thoughts, take a deep breath, and prepare to absorb whatever we were about to find once we opened it.


Photo: grape Japan

We were greeted by a chunk of velum paper printed with tomei’s photograph of water signed by the artist. This image might be even more practical if you happen to’ve watched any of tomei’s videos on her YouTube channel 透明愛好家tomei. She pays close attention to lighting and uses ASMR-quality sound to convey the trickling, splashing, and other noises that help convey the sense of water and liquid together with the associated concept of transparency. The soothing blue colours and the image of water immediately brought back such moments from her videos to our minds.


Photo: grape Japan

The bottle’s design reflected tomei’s aesthetic: balanced, gentle and soothing. The colour was unlike any syrup we had seen before. There are numerous blue syrups on the Japanese market, often marketed as “Blue Hawaii” and utilized in shaved ice, cocktails or the like, but their color is generally vibrant blue. Reiu is a more subtle, soothing shade of cyan, mixing blue and green, and as we’d soon discover, it turns incrementally brighter shades of gorgeous turquoise with the addition of soda water.


Photo: grape Japan

Following the provided instructions of 1 part syrup (chilled within the refrigerator) to 4 parts sparkling water (as shown below), we made the soda. You may as well add a wedge of lemon or some fresh mint for a variation.


Photo: PR Times


Photo: PR Times

After having fun with the attractive gradation of colours, we used a glass straw to be sure that the taste could be unaltered by any trace of metallic taste from our usual reusable straw, and gave it a sip.

It didn’t disappoint. Like many “ciders” (サイダー saida) in Japan (to not be confused with the beverage constituted of the fermented juice of apples), it has a citrusy base. Nonetheless, the added botanicals, particularly the juniper berries, gives it more depth and character and a refreshing flavor.

Reiu Ice Cream Soda

Perhaps inspired by the fashionable blue ice cream soda float we tried at Kissa Nikai, we thought that Reiu would look beautiful in an ice cream soda, so we experimented.

Although our photo doesn’t do justice to it, the vanilla ice cream slowly diffusing into the soda beneath it created a sexy contrast with the blue syrup beneath. It reminded us of a an arctic ocean with a layer of snow and ice above it. Perhaps we must always have placed a bit penguin as a decoration on top as an alternative of a maraschino cherry and sprinkles.


Photo: grape Japan

We also tried to make our own “cloud” version, inspired by tomei’s jelly cakes, with just a few strategically placed dollops of whipped cream in between the ice.


Photo: grape Japan

After all, our amateurish attempts are nowhere near tomei’s artistry, but we expect we succeeded in showing how Reiu can create attractive and engaging drinks. Next time, we’re considering of constructing a cocktail with it. The chances are countless.

Reiu comes bundled with one other SHINRA syrup called Jiu 慈雨, a craft cola with thyme as the important thing botanical note.

The set of two 180 ml bottles costs 3,440 yen, tax included, plus 1,510 yen standard delivery fee with Yamato Transport inside Japan (waved for purchases of 4 sets or more). You’ll be able to buy it on SHINRA’s online store here. On the time of writing, purchases made now are slated for delivery between Oct 5 and seven. *

  • Refers to delivery time to Japanese addresses. You might give you the option to have your purchase shipped outside of Japan through a forwarding service like Buyee or White Rabbit Express but it would take longer to reach. (Products contain no alcohol).

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