mesm Hotel’s Afernoon Tea | Dining

Along the pier where Tokyo Bay and Sumida River meet sits mesm Tokyo, a 5-star hotel that blends art and top-class hospitality for guests who enjoy a hotel experience that inspires creativity. A part of the Marriott Autograph Collection, mesm Tokyo has a watch for the modern and artful, and always excites with its interior design and exhibits inspired by art and the fantastic thing about Tokyo’s changing seasons.

Through the glass doors and boldly illuminated hallway, guests are transported to a realm of royal blue and chic brassy-gold. All the pieces – the elevators to the lobby, the carpeting, the seasonal artwork on display, the ajisai centerpiece within the lobby – suits the fastidiously curated color scheme of mesm Tokyo’s world. Classy yet arty, mesm Tokyo’s interior is a visible delight, blurring the road where interior design ends and art begins. 

If mesm Tokyo knows how one can do anything, it’s coming up with a theme and sticking with it. Their overall theme being “Tokyo Waves,” mesm Tokyo captures the ever-evolving nature of Tokyo and strives to “mesmerize the five senses.” And mesm Tokyo’s theme is present in every detail. The very first thing guests see after they arrive at their hotel room is a “welcome art,” a Bearbrick x Tokyo Waves collaboration of a navy blue bear which uses “Ninja Ink” on its design in order that when photographed with flash, a face of a daruma appears. The amenities provided in every room, similar to the vintage coffee dripper, matcha tea ceremony kit, keyboard piano, notepad with a calligraphy fude pen, retro telephone, toiletries and snacks which have been created in collaboration with famous Japanese firms, show mesm Tokyo’s promise to stimulate all five senses during a stay. 

The guest rooms at mesm Tokyo are designed to integrate Japanese tradition with innovation. Though visually quite modern, detailings within the room hint on the Japanese culture mesm Tokyo finds itself in. The red obi jime ropes on the bed headboards, their bathrobes resembling a kimono and a wall installation inspired by Hama Rikyu’s komorebi (light filtering in through trees) all honor Japanese culture inside mesm Tokyo’s modern tackle hospitality.

It’s not only the inside that impresses at mesm Tokyo. The view from the lobby on the sixteenth floor is of the aquatic Tokyo Bay area, the Sky Tree standing center stage within the Asakusa city line within the slight distance and the famous Hama Rikyu garden resting alongside all of it. The view of Tokyo Bay and Hama Rikyu from where mesm Tokyo lies is one you’ll be able to’t get anywhere else. 

Guests can enjoy this view of the exquisite metropolitan skyline and traditional Japanese garden while indulging in a cup of coffee or a light-weight lunch on the bar lounge Whisk. Often hosting creative food events, their current “Afternoon Exhibition” is a day tea inspired by Johannes Vermeer. The afternoon tea sends guests back in time, starting with a tiger bread mini burger that uses spices and breads typical of the Netherlands from the Baroque period, a pate de fruits coloured a lapis lazuli blue harking back to the paints Vermeer is legendary for, to a standard Dutch prune tart. Every bit from the eight sweet and savory dishes represents a cut-off date in Vermeer’s life, and offers a taste of Holland in its Golden Age.


The tea ends with a bang with a shocking cake inspired by Vermeer’s most famous work, “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” A flaky pie layered with rose and berry mousses is domed in a mascarpone layer and draped by a golden crepe, giving the illusion of the famous turban of the nameless girl. And naturally, the plate wouldn’t be finished with no large candy pearl that will be cracked open to release a passionfruit and orange sauce to be enjoyed with the cake or the crepe for a brand new flavor. The afternoon tea can also be served with two mocktails, an apple and elderflower drink, each staple ingredients of the Netherlands. 

Ending up the afternoon tea with a cup of coffee, guests can benefit from the view from mesm Tokyo’s large glass partitions overlooking the town. Should you’re someone who loves a fun theme during an opulent hotel stay, mesm Tokyo just is likely to be your match. Make a journey to Hamamatsucho next time you’re trying to be inspired by and immersed in art for an indulgent tea time or an overnight stay.

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