MoMiJi Cafe is a Kyoto-inspired cafe with Japanese sandwiches & more

Whether you’re a fan of Japanese food, you’re keen on sandwiches, otherwise you’re just on the lookout for a zen cafe to relax at, MoMiJi Cafe is one place you’d want to examine out. Serving sandwiches and dishes using ingredients imported from Kyoto, this Kyoto-inspired cafe will transport you right to the cultural capital of Japan.

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Kyoto is the Japanese prefecture with the biggest consumption of bread within the country, so it’s actually fitting that this cafe focuses on sandwiches, offering a big selection of Japanese sandos, french toasts, and more. Besides that, the prefecture can be known for its Uji matcha and red bean snacks, so that you’ll definitely wish to try those when you’re here.

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For a dish that embodies all things Kyoto, try the Matcha Pudding Kyoto Hot Sandwich (S$16.20), a red bean sandwich served with a side of matcha pudding. Stuffed with velvety red bean and fragrant butter, the sandwich is toasted to offer it a lightweight crisp. Meanwhile, the matcha pudding is soft and smooth, with just the precise amount of bitterness.

One other unique item that comes highly really useful is the Seafood Cheese Toast (S$13.80), a thick slab of toasted bread topped with prawns, squid, clams, and scallops, after which covered in oozy melted cheese. 

momiji cafe
Photos: @dtfoodaffair, @burgernbacon/instagram

The cafe also offers a big selection of other sandwiches, akin to the Stewed Beef (S$22.20), Wagyu Menchi Katsu (S$19.80), and Takenoko (S$10.80)

But when sandwiches are usually not your thing, you’ll also find matcha, coffee, desserts, and snacks from Kyoto, in addition to a collection of pastas — including interesting ones akin to the Snow Crab Cream (S$28.80).

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And it’s not only the menu here that’s inspired by Kyoto. Enter the cafe, and also you’ll end up walking through the immediately recognisable Japanese Torii gates as much as the second floor. Upstairs, you’ll find 4 dining booths, each named after considered one of the 4 seasons, and decorated accordingly. 

So the subsequent time you end up missing Japan or craving some Japanese snacks, head to MoMiJi Cafe to immerse yourself in all things Kyoto. 

MoMiJi Cafe
Facebook | Instagram 
📍 9 King Albert Park, KAPMall, #01-37, Singapore 598292
🕒 10am – 6pm (Mon to Sun)

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