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Visitors to Tokyo come excited to experience Japanese cuisine but, when you’ve lived here for some time, you realize that Tokyoites are spoilt for alternative in terms of the standard of food available from around the globe. Tokyo is a mecca for a number of the most expert and experienced chefs from throughout Europe and Asia, lots of whom will jump at the prospect to check their skills in Tokyo’s competitive high-quality dining industry. One such chef with experience in each the Japanese and French culinary industries is Chef Kojiro Tsutsumi who joined Park Hyatt’s Girandole restaurant in 2007. Since then, Tsutsumi has risen through the ranks at Girandole, becoming Sous Chef in 2014 and promoted to Chef de Cuisine five years later. Specializing in traditional brasserie cuisine using local Japanese ingredients, this summer, Chef Tsutsumi will probably be serving Girandole’s latest summer menu, the Pintade d’Amakusa.

Situated on the forty first floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel in Shinjuku, Girandole is probably the most picturesque fine-dining restaurants within the capital. With stunning views of the town and a relaxed yet luxurious atmosphere, the dining area includes a two-story-high collage of European brasserie life, evoking a romantic Parisian getaway without leaving Tokyo. While Chef Tsutsumi’s French brasserie skills are on display throughout the three-course menu, he’s added no shortage of exciting twists to the dining experience. 

Girandole’s spacious dining area

Opening the menu is the primary course of Antilles-style marinated bluefin tuna with avocado mousse. Immaculately plated and garnished, the locally-sourced bluefin tuna has a subtle sweetness and buttery tenderness derived from the Antilles-style marinade often seen in French seafood and poultry dishes. The avocado mousse appears almost like wasabi, adding to the Japanese-French fusion quality of the dish. 

The crown jewel of the summer menu is in fact the titular pintade, this course is made up of the important dish and a salad dish, each using specially-selected quarters of the bird. On theme for the menu, the guineafowl, often called the queen of poultry, is a French pure-bred pintade sourced from Kumamoto’s Amakusa. This pintade was raised on a gradual weight loss plan of protein-rich okara and a feed comprised of local oyster shells, seaweed and rice in addition to mineral-rich groundwater. The important dish is a roasted Amakusa pintade breast with sauteed seasonal vegetables also sourced in Amakusa. The pintade breast possesses a succulence that may’t be captured in most other poultry dishes and the sauteed Amakusa vegetables provide a sweetness offsetting the sunshine, sudachi-infused natural jus.

Pintade d’Amakusa

The succulent Pintade d’Amakusa important course

Served with the pintade breast is a roasted Amakusa pintade leg and summer leaves salad. Plated on a light-weight seeded mustard dressing, the complete dish has a vibrant and crisp texture punctuated by the crispy and savory skin of the pintade leg. Paired with a light-weight and refreshing white wine or rosè, the course is high in vitamins and minerals, perfect for overcoming the summer heat. 

Dessert is pistachio cream, strawberry and fig jam, mixed berries and strawberry sorbet. The sunshine and summery dessert is dynamic in flavor and texture, perfectly rounding out the menu and nicely paired with the variability of teas and coffees available. 

Having quickly risen through the ranks at Girandole, Chef Tsutsumi shows no signs of slowing down with the creativity of his offerings as Chef de Cuisine. The skillful fusion of French and Japanese influences in the summertime Pintade d’Amakusa menu proves that the experienced chef will proceed to exceed the already high standard set by Girandole’s heritage and fame. 


The Pintade d’Amakusa course is obtainable until August 8, 2022

Sharing menu for two – ¥15,000 (¥16,500 including tax)
For reservations and inquiries, please contact Girandole at 03-5323-3459.

Click here for more information and reservation inquiries 

Girandole – forty first floor, Park Hyatt Tokyo, 3-7-1 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1055


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