img 292578 2 - Pokemon and Bandai reveal a shiny highlight powder compact inspired by Diamond and Pearl

Pokemon and Bandai reveal a shiny highlight powder compact inspired by Diamond and Pearl

Premium Bandai is home to some pretty awesome merch that any otaku would like to get their hands on. From full scale replicas of Demon Slayer swords, to Gundam cooking equipment.

They even release cosmetics for fans who prefer to get spruced up within the variety of their favorite characters. We’ve seen make-up based on magical girl characters from anime like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura. But this latest cosmetics offering from Bandai Premium is one for Pokemon Trainers who wish to look flashy while on the go.

The item is a highlight powder which is available in a shiny compact, complete with a mirror. Its release is to commemorate the 2021 Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes, Sensible Diamond and Shining Pearl.


The powder itself is inspired by the Pokemon Super Contest, and has several colours incorporated into the highlighter. There is a heart shape which is half pink and half blue, and it’s surrounded by white. The colours might be used individually or mixed together for various effects. It also incorporates moisturising ingredients like malic acid, hyaluronic acid and Argania spinosa kernel oil.


The compact case’s design includes a bow on top of a bejewelled Pokeball in the center, and different Pokemon are silhouetted in gold around this centerpiece. There’s Piplup, Buneary, Buizel, Ambipom, Mamoswine, Pachirisu, and Togekiss.


If you happen to are in Japan, this item can currently be preordered from Premium Bandai until Feb 28. It costs 3,850 yen and needs to be sent out around July.

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