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Foreigners in Tokyo know that, even after years living here, it may well be hard to search out your community. When Gasim Kuwa Makki moved to Tokyo from Sudan in 1992, the foreign community was even smaller than it was today so, when Gasim met Frank Anthony Amanfo, a Ghanaian bar owner, the 2 soon became close. Over time spent hanging out, they often discussed going into business together and eventually, when R2 in Roppongi got here up on the market in 2016, Gasim and Frank, together with their friend Kobe Oppong Opoku, finally decided to make the leap.

After five successful years running R2 and constructing their very own international community, in 2021 the three partners have decided to open two recent venues — R1 Tokyo and R3 Club Lounge.

Venue owners Frank Anthony Amanfo, Kobe Oppong Opoku and Gasim Kuwa Makki.

Most foreigners in Tokyo have at the least heard of R2 Supperclub before. Its slick and trendy decor, warm lighting, top-of-the-range sound system and stylish foods and drinks menu make it the right location for a complicated night out in Roppongi. After taking on the venue in 2016, the brand new owners added some personal touches to the decor and menu, including handcrafted Kamome speakers, giving due service to the funk, soul and RnB frequently spun by the resident DJs, in addition to some recent, contemporary additions to the already extravagant cocktail menu.

Since its relaunch by Gasim, Frank and Kobe, the venue has remained a mainstay for those on the lookout for lunch or dinner and drinks in Roppongi, earning itself a loyal and friendly clientele of multicultural regulars. After having achieved the notoriety they aspired to with R2, the owners decided to launch two recent concepts in 2021. 

r2 supperclub

R2 Supperclub’s sumptuous bar

Launched in July 2021, R1 Tokyo is a special tackle the R2 Supperclub experience. Spread across two floors in the brand new constructing, Gems Roppongi, R1 includes a bar on the primary floor and a 40-seat restaurant on the second floor. The comfortable first-floor bar boasts the form of drinks menu you’ll expect from the team behind R2, in addition to an enviable choice of old and recent records.

Upstairs, the restaurant prides itself on its hand-selected ingredients, offering lunch, dinner, completely happy hour and dessert menus with a deal with Japanese, Italian and Caribbean cuisine. R1 Tokyo has built a reputation for itself since its launch, becoming affectionately known amongst regulars because the little brother to R2 Supperclub. 

R1 Tokyo’s 40-seat dining room. Image courtesy of Guru Navi

When speaking with the partners, though, it’s obvious that the venue they’re most enthusiastic about currently is their latest project, R3 Club Lounge. Situated under R2 Supperclub and having just launched with a successful opening party in mid-December, R3 is an idea that has been within the works among the many partners for over a 12 months, and it’s clear that each detail throughout the venue has been meticulously planned and executed, from the ambient lighting to the high-end PA system and stage.

4 individually themed VIP rooms are situated across the stage area for VIP guests to soak within the music and atmosphere of the bar while having fun with personalized bottle and meal service, with closeable windows within the Flower and GFK rooms for a more intimate vibe. Featuring food service from 5pm until 10:30pm and remodeling right into a club lounge from 11pm, R3 covers all bases for a memorable night and the owners have already got their sights set on becoming the go-to venue for international DJs and live acts, with local hip hop artist and tastemaker Miyachi booked for one in every of their first major shows on Latest 12 months’s 2021. 

R3 roppongi

A view of the stage area and two of the VIP rooms at R3 Club Lounge

All three partners have big aspirations for his or her recent venues, with Kobe stating that he expects R3 to realize as much national recognition as R2 and change into a hotspot for the international community and established international DJs and artists. With a few of Tokyo’s international nightlife institutions closing down over the past couple of years, venues like R2 Supperclub and the communities that surround them are a helpful thing and, with two recent venues on the map, the team behind R2 are making it easier than ever for people from diverse backgrounds to return together in Tokyo. 

Upcoming events: 

R2 Roppongi 2

The view of the bar stage area from the DJ booth at R3 Club Lounge

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