Return of Comiket manga convention announced for December 2021 in Tokyo

It’s not an exaggeration to say that, when it comes to the joy it generates, Comiket is like Christmas for the otaku community. If anything, that’s an understatement, because while Christmas comes but yearly, the celebration of self-published dojinshi manga, related merchandise, and cosplay traditionally happens twice a yr in Tokyo.

Nonetheless, it’s now been greater than 18 months for the reason that last Comiket was held. Comiket 97 took place in December of 2019, at a time when the coronavirus was still considered by many to be primarily a domestic Chinese health issue. The situation modified quickly, though, and by spring Japan too was in the midst of a full-fledged pandemic, leading organizers of Comiket 98 to scrap plans for an in-person gathering in May 2020, shifting the event to an online-only “air Comiket.”

Comiket 99 would ordinarily have taken place in December of 2020, but with the pandemic continuing the event was postponed to May of 2021. This proved to be overly optimistic, though, as rising infection numbers, and pressure to bring them down before the beginning of the Tokyo Olympics, made holding Comiket in spring of this yr unimaginable, and the event was delayed again, this time indefinitely.

But after months of waiting, the Comic Market Committee, which oversees Comiket, has announced that Comiket 99 is scheduled to happen this December, on the thirtieth and thirty first, at its regular home of the Tokyo Big Sight convention center in Tokyo’s Ariake district.

▼ The news is certain to be especially completely satisfied for fans of “Uma Musume,” because it’s exploded in popularity for the reason that start of the pandemic and there hasn’t been a correct Comiket for fans to indicate their creative passion for the the multimedia horse-girl franchise.

The timing of the announcement might sound strange, though, as Tokyo is currently experiencing its highest rates of latest coronavirus infections ever within the pandemic. The capital stays under a government-declared state of emergency, and businesses and public facilities across the country proceed to have their operating procedures impacted by social distancing and other preventive guidelines.

However the Comic Market Committee thinks that happier times are on the best way. While Tokyo has been seeing a surge in latest infections, vaccination shots are finally beginning to develop into available to the overall population within the capital, and that availability is anticipated to start spreading to other prefectures within the near future. “We’re announcing the date for Comiket 99 based on our recognition that societal conditions are expected to enhance in the approaching months,” says the statement.

Nonetheless, the committee shouldn’t be ruling out the potential for Comiket 99 being delayed for a 3rd time. “If societal conditions don’t improve as expected because of this of vaccinations and other measures, we cannot say that we are going to not further postpone the event.” The organizers have also yet to specify what type of regulations, corresponding to reduced attendance caps, or proof of vaccination and/or wearing a mask required for entry, will probably be in effect, only saying “We thank all participants for his or her understanding that we will probably be holding Comiket while asking for his or her cooperation in quite a lot of latest ways.”

Source: Comiket via Oricon News via Livedoor News via Otakomu

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