Six summer 2022 anime that our reporter has a hunch are going to be big【Seiji’s World of Anime】

After watching the primary episode of 30 recent shows, listed here are those he’s intuitively calling out as winners.

Meet our Japanese-language correspondent Seiji Nakazawa. When he’s not busy channeling the spirit of Yngwie Malmsteen or engaging in zany recent sports, he’s serving within the role of our resident otaku by binging recent anime and letting us know the best of the newest.

While the summer 2022 lineup of shows includes recent seasons of past hits like Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun and Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth, Seiji was also curious to ascertain out the completely recent shows that premiered earlier this month. After watching the primary episode of 30 recent anime, he’s chosen the six works that he feels have something special occurring. Let’s call it his sixth “otaku” sense and see if the approaching weeks prove him right.

Uncle from One other World / 異世界おじさん

Generally known as “Iseoji” for brief, this recent anime relies on a manga by Hotondo Shindeiru (a penname which implies “Almost Dead”). It revolves around college student Takafumi Takaoka’s uncle, who was in a coma for 17 years but was actually in one other world during that point. Numerous aspects back up this pick for Seiji. Namely, he was drawn to the story because while there’s a proliferation of anime on the market about other worlds, only a few of them explore the aftermath of what it might be like after getting back from one. For instance, there’s loads of dark humor because the uncle attempts to slot in to modern society. Seiji now looks at people deemed “misfits” by society as perhaps having just returned from one other world.

Phantom of the Idol / 神クズ☆アイドル

Idol Asahi Mogami died but still lingers as a ghost due to her love for the job. Idol Yuya Niyodo is alive but only sings for the cash. They resolve to let Asahi possess him during performances to make everyone a winner. It’s a fun premise, but Seiji’s primary love for this show is that Asahi is voiced by one among his favorite voice actresses, Nao Toyama. She does amazing work, particularly for terribly energetic characters, and makes them so ridiculously cute that nobody should give you the option to withstand.

When Will Ayumu Make His Move? / それでも歩は寄せてくる

Often stories about shogi, or Japanese chess, are focused on the thrills of victory and defeat. This one, nonetheless, focuses on Ayumu and Urushi, the one two students in a highschool shogi club, and Ayumu’s efforts to defeat Urushi in order that he can confess his feelings to her. There’s loads of game strategy on the forefront as well. Seiji notes that the primary episode of the anime bears a striking resemblance to Teasing Master Takagi-san in overall atmosphere and accommodates loads of sweet, youthful moments.

Shine On! Bakumatsu Bad Boys! / ブッチギレ

The Shinsengumi, a real-world military force assembled from 1863 through 1869 to guard the Tokugawa shogunate from imperial forces that wanted to revive power to the emperor, has been at the middle of many an anime through the years. On this newly reimagined version, aside from Heisuke Todo, all of them are already dead. To cover the reality, others are secretly recruited to be their replacements.

This take definitely spins the actual history on its head and Seiji couldn’t help but grin at among the wilder changes. With character designs by Hiroyuki Takei (Shaman King), he also felt right at home as someone who grew up with this particular art style within the pages of the late ’90s Shonen Jump.

Call of the Night / よふかしのうた

Seiji considers anime with seamless ending theme song cut-ins to be masterpieces–especially those who begin playing the music on the climax of the episode, which makes them 100 times more memorable. He thinks essentially the most well-done example of this out of the entire recent anime he watched is that this show about an insomniac who meets a wonderful female vampire and must fall in love together with her so as to grow to be one himself. It actually gave him goosebumps at how perfectly it was executed.

Lycoris Recoil / リコリス・リコイル

“The characters are cute, drawn with clean and easy lines,” voices Seiji. In truth, he even stopped to stare at a poster for this recent show on his solution to work sooner or later because he was so enraptured. While designs are by Imigimuru (This Art Club Has a Problem!) it’s the directorial debut of Shingo Adachi, whom you may know because the character designer for Sword Art Online. Seiji thinks The atmosphere of this show a few Tokyo cafe serving the same old fare, plus a side of additional world-saving services, has a number of promise.

Time will tell if Seiji’s predictions are right or if he’s focused on flops. Either way, he’s also looking forward to any dark horses who break out of the pack mid-season. To envision out his track record, see Seiji’s preemptive picks for the autumn 2021 anime season.

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