Storytime Animation YouTuber Emirichu On Japan & VTuber Busywork

AniManGaki passed last weekend and the type people behind the event allowed me to have a sit down with lots of the guests attending, considered one of which was Emily “Emirichu” Sim, a Korean-American storytime animator who raised to fame on YouTube and now has amassed 3.24 million subscribers.

Congratulations on the move to Japan & being signed under GeeXPlus, now that you just’ve been there for some time now, how are you settling in?

I’ve been settling pretty much — I believe? I still have to recuperate the language obviously, I’m taking classes every week. That’s the one thing I actually need to work on. Aside from that I’ve gotten pretty used to how things are, it’s been nice and I’ve enjoyed it.

Daidus briefly mentioned on the podcast how the move has helped along with his motivation to work, would you say that you’re feeling the identical way too?

Well for me, I wasn’t really in a creative rut before the move, I used to be really excited in regards to the idea of moving because I knew that a brand new environment would feel really refreshing and it will give me more inspiration and concepts and it definitely has — I got stuff planned! But yeah, I believe before I used to be just doing the identical stuff as usual, I believe COVID gave me cabin-fever because I used to be like “Man I’ve been stuck in the identical place for some time…” so I needed a modified of pace which meant not California. So being in Japan has been super inspiring and fun.

Within the crane game video that you just did with Connor (CDawgVA) which prize do you cherish essentially the most?

Ah, I don’t know the name of the character however the long cat plush when you remember. I actually like that one, I don’t comprehend it’s just really funny to me, it’s like an excellent long cat but in addition the kiwi birds, I still have them sitting on my couch.

What made you choose to offer VTubing & streaming a shot?

So it was a very spontaneous decision back when the VTuber boom just began happening. I used to be just admiring from afar because I used to be like “Wow have a look at all these cute designs coming out, that is so cool” but I’m going to remain in my lane, I’m going to do YouTube.

Streaming has at all times been something I used to be inquisitive about but never super gung-ho like “I would like to stream!”. So I used to be just observing. But I assumed the concept of attending to stream as a cute 2D character was really cool after which someday considered one of my favourite artists opened up model commissions and he or she was like “Hey I got one slot open for a VTuber model, who wants it?” and I used to be like “ME! Gimme!” Because if I used to be to have a model drawn by anyone I’d want it to have been drawn by her because I admired her art for therefore long and I remember she was like “Yeah what design did you would like? Do you’ve got any references?” and I used to be like “I literally don’t know since I just decided to do it now”. So I spent like per week attempting to work out an idea.

After which I began streaming only for fun and that’s the way it began. I’m trying my best to maintain it just as a fun little hobby on the side but yeah it was all an especially spontaneous decision on my part

Speaking of your VTuber skin, what inspired the theme?

I get asked rather a lot why I didn’t use your black and white stripe shirt avatar for my VTuber design because that’s the one that individuals are familiar, but VTuber models are expensive and I used to be like “I’m not going to pay that much only for them to attract me in a black and white striped sweater and a skirt”. Especially because there are such a lot of amazing and funky designs that I’ve seen with lore. But I also didn’t intend to make a complete latest character that was disconnected from myself. 

So I used to be like, streaming is my part-time job, so this could possibly be my YouTube persona’s part-time job, so then I had the thought of constructing my stream’s theme like a restaurant, because I really like cafes and I believe maid cafes are really fun, so I made a decision to go together with a maid cafe.

I also love strawberries, it’s not super obvious in my YouTube branding but strawberries are considered one of my favourite motifs. So I went with a strawberry waitress in a strawberry-themed cafe.

Who’s your favourite VTuber to observe?

I actually like Kureiji Ollie, I really like her concept, I really like her design, she’s very nice, super cute. Except for Ollie, I actually like Inugami Korone, she’s so cute! On the English side, I actually like Ironmouse.

What’s your proudest achievement up to now?

I suppose the plain one is being a YouTuber, but that’s too general. If I had to choose a selected moment where I used to be like “Wow, I’ve made it!” I believe it was once I first got the e-mail inviting me to VidCon 2019. I remember I used to be super excited since it wasn’t something I used to be expecting. I feel like at the moment, getting invited to VidCon felt very prestigious. “Oh you were hand-picked to be featured at this huge YouTuber convention” 

Then the pandemic happened and it was postponed to 2021, I used to be like “Okay that’s fantastic!” then it got postponed again, after which finally I went to VidCon in July and clearly the web culture had form of modified, so now it was more like a TikTok convention and I used to be like “Oh man I feel really misplaced”. I still had a terrific time, granted I did get COVID so I’m slightly salty about that but I believe in 2019 once I first got the e-mail I used to be super excited and now I’ve finally fulfilled that this 12 months.

How long does it normally take to make your animations? Say your “I MOVED TO JAPAN” video.

That one took around two weeks, it normally takes me anywhere between two weeks to a month. Ideally, if I actually no-life it and grind, then it’ll be like two weeks. But when I’m attempting to live a standard life but then also working then it’ll be like three-four weeks.

What would you say is the toughest a part of the video-making process?

Truthfully, I’d should say the storyboarding part. Since it takes up a lot mental energy, like if I had to choose any part that I dread essentially the most, yeah it’s that part. Because the way in which I do my videos is I do the script, then I’ll record the audio after which I’ll storyboard the precise illustrations I would like to make use of after which I’ll line them after which I’ll color if I feel so compelled after which I put it together! The sketch part is unquestionably essentially the most tedious for me because that’s the part where you actually like brainstorming “What am I going to attract here?” and at the identical time since it’s a sketch it appears like you’re not actually making any progress on the video because that’s not what it’s actually going to appear to be. But I definitely feel essentially the most drained through the sketching part, but after that, it’s pretty okay.

For many who could also be wondering, it’s been two months because you last uploaded, together with your last video being Childhood Crushes 4, is the anything big currently within the works that you could possibly hint at?

I’m currently working on a video where I’m going to 12 different anime-themed cafes — themed cafes have change into like my latest obsession recently — but yeah I got to 12 of them after which I rank/rate them and just discuss my experience and whether or not they’re value it.

Have you ever ever considered venturing outside of storytime animation, possibly like doing all of your own comic? 

One among my dreams as a child was obviously to make a manga. I feel like every little weeb artist has that dream. I still intend to make a manga but in addition now I comprehend it is a ton of labor and it takes up a ton of time so it’s still on my bucket list. I just don’t know once I’ll find a way to begin it.

I would really like to explore more of the artistic world, I do know YouTube’s not without end and folks at all times ask “If YouTube was to explode tomorrow what would you do?” and I’m like “I don’t know”. I’m form of winging it and figuring it out as I’m going along 

You mentioned before the way you’ve handled an identity crisis on the subject of your ethnicity and nationality, does it still affect you & how do you cope with it?

It’s funny you asked that, I actually feel like moving to Japan and having to learn a brand new language has form of helped with my relationship with Koreans specifically. I discovered that being bad at one language just feels bad, but then being bad at two, I’m like “Well I’m learning two languages!”. I made this realisation once I visited my parents in Korea for the primary time shortly [post me moving to Japan] and for the primary time ever I actually didn’t feel super misplaced and I didn’t hate being there and I believe it’s because I’m already in a situation where I’m a complete fish-out-of-water [in Japan]. Like, I don’t know the language, I’m ranging from scratch. I realised I had a fairly strong foundation with my Korean knowledge.

I remember I used to be getting my hair done by this college-age girl and he or she was like “Hey is it okay if I confer with you in Korean?” and I said “Oh my Korean is super bad but yeah go ahead”. And she or he said “The proven fact that you’re in a position to understand and reply to me, that’s pretty good” and that’s the primary time I ever received positive validation from a native-Korean stranger. That basically modified my perspective.

I find learning Japanese really fun and I realised if learning a complete latest language is so fun for me then why shouldn’t it’s fun for me to learn one other language that I have already got a foundation of information in. If anything this must be much more fun for me. So in a funny way, being a complete foreigner abroad that I’m living in has helped repair my identity crisis where I’m not as hard on myself if I don’t know the right way to say something.

It’s more like “Well I can learn!” because I’m learning Japanese, I can do the identical for Korean.

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