84894 02 - The right way to make delicious Japanese cafe-style pizza toast with bare bones ingredients

The right way to make delicious Japanese cafe-style pizza toast with bare bones ingredients

While likely not something you’d associate with Japanese food, pizza toast stays an endearing favorite from the menus of the “retro” Japanese cafes of the Showa period (1926-1989). Whether having fun with the gooey pizza flavor at a contemporary coffee house or having fun with a nostalgic slice as a stroll down memory lane at its birthplace café, the classic pizza toast doesn’t look like fading away from menus anytime soon.

While there’s loads of premade frozen packages to satisfy cravings for it at home, it may possibly be hard to capture the precise taste of a retro Japanese cafe’s pizza toast in a microwave. Fortunately skilled chef Mugi Rice (@HG7654321), who often shares helpful recipes and cooking suggestions like learn how to use mochi to make perfect pancakes or serve morning toast most deliciously, has stepped up with a straightforward cooking “lifehack” on learn how to replicate the flavour at home even should you’re lacking in ingredients!

All you wish is bread (of your alternative, but often in Japan fluffier kinds are preferred), ketchup, cheese, oregano, and olive oil.

First, cut the bread into bite-sized pieces and spread ketchup on it (top photo).

Top with cheese and sprinkle with oregano, after which throw them right into a toaster oven.

Photo: @HG7654321


Photo: @HG7654321

When the cheese is cooked to a pleasant golden brown, place on a plate and use olive oil as a dip.


Photo: @HG7654321

When you would often want toppings like bell pepper and actual pizza sauce for Japanese style pizza toast, on the fly when you may have the munchies and haven’t got every part available, this straightforward recipe gets unlocked through the use of olive oil as a dip to unlock that coffee house pizza toast flavor even if you haven’t got every part available! Granted, oregano might all the time be in your cupboard, but the remainder is so easy. If you happen to’re missing or ever desired to try Japanese-style pizza toast, try whipping out this easy recipe for some quick delicious bites.

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