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As Rona and Putin duel for next week’s top headlines, everyone seems to be asking the identical thing: Can we please take a breather? What higher place is there to step out of the fact of labor calls, pandemic stress and the subsequent scheduled missile test, than in a comfortable little café with a cup of overpriced latté? In the event you are a café connoisseur or an otaku (or each), you’re in for quite a treat. Scroll down for an inventory of cafés in Tokyo that your favorite anime characters have dined at for nervous first dates, gossiping, and who knows, plotting a defense against a mass terrorist attack? Before I unintentionally type out any more spoilers, flick thru this list of cafés (and more!) that anime producers have deemed worthy to model of their show to your next real-life coffee break.

1. Salon de Thé ROND (Roppongi)

ANIME: Your Name

Starting with the CEO of anime food himself (I can’t be the just one who rewatches Weathering With You almost exclusively for the dining scenes), Makoto Shinkai models a lot of his movies in Tokyo. This is sweet news for our fellow Tokyoites because it increases our repertoire of places to point out off to our friends. Across the cinematography of this Tokyo-fanatic, the highest hit is indisputably Your Name. I’m beginning to ponder whether this movie is sponsored by Japan’s tourism bureau because it is basically a hefty commercial of Tokyo — which also happens to have an award-winning plot. Inside the panoramic montage of Tokyo from dusk to dawn, there’s one scene that I repeatedly watch: Taki’s date on the National Art Center. Bashful conversation is made between Taki and his older date at Salon de Thé Rond, the museum’s open-roof café. Even when you should not a hardcore Your Name fan, this premium date spot is certain to place you comfy with its mature, quiet atmosphere.

2. La Primeur (Nerima)

ANIME: Your Lie in April

Step 1: Mark an evening in your calendar to cuddle up in your couch with a bag of chips and a box of tissues to cry your eyes out to Your Lie in April. Once you might have accomplished Step 1, or if you might have already been emotionally damaged by Your Lie in April before, move on to the subsequent step. Step 2: Vist Le Primeur, a comfortable café in Nerima to fix your broken heart with a plateful of their famous apple, nut and caramel waffles that the characters themselves wolf down within the anime. Trust me, you’ll feel your soul rehabilitate within the antique European-style interior. In the event you are lucky (or occur to have an overactive imagination like myself), you would possibly even give you the chance to listen to Kousei’s rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” on the piano.

Cafe Mai:lish (Akihabara)

3. Cafe Mai:lish (Akihabara)

ANIME: Steins;Gate

Akihabara. Do I even have to elucidate myself for this one? In fact, I’m talking about maid cafes in Tokyo’s otaku central! While all of those cafés on this list might be enjoyed by non-otakus as well, I strongly recommend watching Steins;Gate before visiting Mai:lish, as a serious plotline takes place on this celebrated maid café. Let me reword this: In the event you watch Steins;Gate, you’ll feel an instinctive have to visit this café. For the total experience, calm down within the window seat to look at the Akihabara buzz and chat to the friendly maids while waiting to your omu-rice with a requested 世界がヤバい!!(“The World is Doomed!!”) ketchup message.

BREATHE (Toyosu)

4. BREATHE (Toyosu)

ANIME: Eden of the East

Next on our list is for our boujee readers, or when you are simply seeking to treat yourself after an extended week. This café bar right outside the United Cinemas of LaLaport Toyosu is the last word spot to take a breather (the place is literally called BREATHE) after an exciting film to talk about your favorite scenes over a cocktail. Not only that, the bar is featured as a part of Akira’s hideout when he’s plotting a defense against an upcoming terrorist attack in dystopian Tokyo (as featured in Eden of the East). And when you are really seeking to treat yourself, or when you are a die-hard Eden of the East fan, you possibly can pay an extra entry fee to realize access to the VIP room upstairs. Guess what, the VIP room is an in depth replica of Akira’s room within the anime! How cool is that?

Eggs n’ Things (Harajuku)

5. Eggs n’ Things (Harajuku)

ANIME: Tokyo Revengers

How can we end an inventory of Tokyo cafés without giving Harajuku a mention? This highly popularized anime of 2021, Tokyo Revengers, uses the greater Shibuya area as its foremost backdrop. There may be an lovable scene at Eggs n’ Things Harajuku that takes place between the bloody fistfights, confusing time-lapses and the obnoxious balloon pants worn by middle schoolers who look 35. The scene on the open terrace café features Eggs n’ Things’ iconic menu: mini pancakes drowned in a tower of whipped cream. It is a whipped cream devotee’s dream come true! Come take a break on the Harajuku local’s favorite pancake shop while we wait patiently for the second season of Tokyo Revengers to come back out.

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