Tsujiri matcha, roasted soy flour mochi & syrup featured in McDonald’s Japan’s recent shake & pie

McDonald’s Japan Corp will begin selling three recent sweets in a brand new project collaborating with Japanese local specialties, the Tsujiri Green Tea Latte McShake featuring famous Kyoto matcha brand Tsujiri, the Kikyo Shingen Mochi Pie featuring the standard Japanese sweet Kikyo Shingen Mochi from Yamanashi, and the Tokyo Banana Waffle Cone (Ice Cream) featuring Tokyo’s “hottest” souvenir sweet, Tokyo Banana, at McDonald’s stores nationwide for a limited time ranging from April 27.

The brand new McShake and pie are particularly appealing to fans of Japan’s more traditional flavors.

Tsujiri Green Tea Latte McShake


Although there have been matcha-flavored shakes at McDonald’s Japan before, this shake definitely raises the bar. The Tsujiri Green Tea Latte McShake (makku sheiku tsujiri maccha rate) will let you savor the delicate taste of matcha tea from the famous Uji tea-growing district supervised by Tsujiri, a long-established tea shop in Kyoto. Benefit from the harmony of the sweet milk and the subtle bitterness and aroma unique to Uji matcha tea.

Price: 150 yen (S), 230 yen (M)

Kikyo Shingen Mochi Pie


The Kikyo Shingen Mochi Pie (kikyo shingen mochi pai) brings one among Japan’s favorite mochi sweets to McDonald’s. Even though it’s enjoyed nationwide, Kikyo Shingen Mochi is made by Kikyoya in Yamanashi Prefecture and comprises chewy mochi sprinkled with roasted soy flour and drizzled with kuromitsu black syrup.

Once you bite into the crispy crust, you may discover two fillings, one featuring soft, chewy mochi flavored with fragrant kinako and the opposite featuring the molasses-like kuromitsu syrup. Enjoy this Kikyoya sweet in a McDonald’s pie!

Price: 160 yen

From April 26, a industrial on the theme of “taking a mini trip” through Japan to enjoy local specialties will begin airing on Japanese TV. You possibly can watch it on YouTube here:


For more information on the campaign, visit the official website here.

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