Turning Japanese convenience store ingredients into gourmet sandwiches with a sandwich press

To take into consideration what to make for each meal on daily basis is usually a dreadful task. When you’ve been there, these are a few hot sandwich recipes using on a regular basis ingredients found at convenience stores in Japan!

You is likely to be pondering “Well, I’ve never made one before and it feels like a variety of work…”, but hold that thought. It may well actually be done very quickly in any respect and upgrade what are typically checked out easy convenience store ingredients for those who use a sandwich press.

Hot sandwiches will be complicated depending on the recipe, but we picked out a few surprisingly delicious and straightforward ones from recipes which have been taking off on the online.

Out of the countless recipes on the web, we selected two with ingredients you possibly can easily find at any of Japan’s major convenience stores, with none need for a fry pan.

For our first recipe, we’re going to skip the usage of butter on the bread on this sandwich because it calls for mayonnaise (as in Japanese mayonnaise, like Kewpie) as an alternative. The 2 primary ingredients are smoked chicken breast and ready-to-eat egg salad, each found at Japanese convenience store Lawson.

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Slice the smoked chicken in half, place it on your selected sandwich bread (we used shokupan, fluffy white Japanese bread). Drizzle with mayonnaise on top.

Add the egg salad as much as you would like on top of the chicken.

When you press the highest slice down, cook the sandwich within the sandwich press until it’s done.


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The sandwich has a tremendous smoky flavor from the smoked chicken that doubles when cooked within the press. You may’t tell it’s made with convenience store ingredients.


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Fried chicken is a extremely popular go-to hot snack from convenience stores. For this fried chicken sandwich, we decided to make use of Lawson’s popular fried chicken found at the recent food section, L-chiki.


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The recipe calls for convenience store fried chicken, sliced cheese, and cabbage. When you don’t have cabbage at home, you possibly can at all times get the sliced cabbage with the remaining of the ingredients at a convenience store, too.

Place the ingredients within the order of; bread, cheese, fried chicken, cabbage, and the ultimate slice of bread. Condiments are as much as you but we found the melted cheese to be quite enough.


Photo: grape Japan

The quantity of this sandwich was so satisfactory, and made for a fantastic homemade “junky” convenience store sandwich.

Sandwich press machines will be very inexpensive and purchased for 1,000 yen and up. When you are uninterested in your routine meal plan, or perhaps have exhausted the menu of gourmet readymade sandwiches found at convenience stores in Japan, give these recipes a try.

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