Universal Studios Japan x Jujutsu Kaisen Event Information Revealed

Universal Studios Japan has revealed more details about its upcoming collaboration with the favored Jujutsu Kaisen anime series, which incorporates a special menu and life-like Satoru Gojo statue that can complement the soon-to-open Jujutsu Kaisen The Real 4D attraction. The ride will open on September 16, 2022, while the remainder will kick off on September 15.

The Jujutsu Kaisen-inspired menu comes from Japanese restaurant SAIDO and will likely be offered through the collaboration until July 2, 2023. Customers will receive considered one of eight original (random) coasters when ordering from the collaboration menu. 

The menu includes:

The Satoru Gojo-themed Business Trips Memories -The Strongest Meal- for 4,200 yen (~US$30.25).

The Yuji Itadori-themed Big Tempura Rice Bowl Meal for 3,700 yen (~US$26.65).

The Nobara Kugisaki-themed Shi-Su Plate for 3,700 yen (~US$26.65).

The Toge Inumaki-themed Salmon! Tuna Mayo! Kelp! (Green Tea Dessert with Kumquat) for 1,000 yen (~US$7.20).

The Panda-themed Panda Parfait with Chocolate Ice Cream and Panda Cotta for 1,000 yen (~US$7.20).

The Megumi Fushiguro-themed Black and White Café au Lait 1,000 yen (~US$7.20) and a Maki Zenin-themed Violet Soda for 1,000 yen (~US$7.20).

Kids Meal for two,600 yen (~US$18.73).

A life-like statue of Satoru Gojou, dubbed a Clone-oid, will likely be featured on the themed restaurant as a photograph spot for individuals who’ve ordered from the menu. The Clone-oid is described as a life-size figure with elaborately depicted skin with blood vessels, pores, and even hair. Visitors also can buy photos of the Clone-oid, which will likely be packed in an original folder.

There can even be other Jujutsu Kaisen-inspired food including:

A limited Kento Nanami sandwich set from the French-style Beverly Hills Boulangerie café for 1,900 yen (USD$13.69).

Yuuji Itadori cola flavor churros for 650 yen (USD$4.68) each.

Gyokuken meat pizza bun and ginger meat bun for 700 yen (USD$5.04) each.

Yuuji Itadori Blood Orange Mousse for 900 yen (~US$6.50) and a Megumi Fushiguro Chocolate Cake for 900 yen (~US$6.50) each.

Nobara Kugisaki rose lemon tea for 650 yen (USD$4.68) each.

Various original goods will likely be available for purchase as well. They include a Yuji Itadori Drink Bottle for two,400 yen (USD$17.29) and a limited edition Satoru Gojou popcorn bucket for 4,500 yen (USD$32.41) which will likely be available for a limited amount every day. There can even be cushions, plushie key chains, jackets, headbands, plush hats, and an armband.

Source: Universal Studios Japan

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