Waterproof and recyclable cardboard boxes in Japan safely transport liquids

Managed by the office retail company KOKUYO, Shop & Café “THINK OF THINGS” in Tokyo now offers high-functional cardboard boxes which can be waterproof enough to contain liquid inside called CARTON 2.0.

CARTON 2.0 is a joint project of KOKUYO’s “THINK OF THINGS” and IZAK, an organization that prioritizes cardboard box development based on functionality. It’s a medium sized archive box for normal households, and is made with cooling and waterproofed materials particularly used for transportation of fisheries and refrigerated goods. Even though it is a cardboard box, it may possibly protect its contents from humidity and has cooling effects. It also has an upgraded waterproof function secure enough to carry water inside, too.

This makes it perfect for storing and protecting necessary files, clothing, and even food for its cooling effect. You may also use them as a laundry box or perhaps a planter box. The possible uses of those boxes goes beyond what we predict of with usual cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes invented to exchange Styrofoam containers

CARTON 2.0 uses the PET aluminized polyester film “Cool Dan” from IZAK for the liner on the cardboard. The features of this film and the air-layers on the cardboard surfaces add the cooling, water and moisture proof effects to this box. This material can also be environmentally friendly. It’s non-toxic, and doesn’t produce dioxins when heated.


The structural design can also be very unique. No glues are used for the product. As an alternative, one cardboard tightly folds right into a box with no space in between, in order that it may possibly contain liquid inside.

Nonetheless, please note that there could also be possible pinholes on the surface and change into steadily permeable. This just isn’t a permanently waterproofed product.

The Carton 2.0 Archive boxes can be found from THINK OF THINGS locations in Japan.

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