What’s it wish to attend an idol concert where they’re singing lyrics that you simply wrote? Complicated

Struggling musician Seiji attends the foremost debut of Gilty x Gilty, where they sing a song with lyrics written by…Seiji.

Loyal SoraNews24 readers already know our Japanese-language author Seiji Nakazawa, who’s covered topics similar to one of the best anime of the past 10 years, the visually terrifying experience of eating an octopus egg, and why the local train from Tokyo to Chichibu is for suckers. But what you could not know is that along with writing articles like those, Seiji also writes J-pop lyrics.

Seiji began his lyric-writing gig in 2020, not long after the beginning of the pandemic. That timing created an odd situation, though, as even two years into the lyricist life, he’d never gotten to see and listen to musicians singing the words he’d written live to tell the tale stage, since so many live shows and tours have been cancelled or postponed.

That modified last week, though. With coronavirus countermeasures being regularly eased in Japan, idol unit Gilty x Gilty, or “Girugiru,” as they’re known to fans, held a concert in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood on June 28, and Seiji was capable of attend the show.

▼ Seiji, on his option to the concert

As Seiji rolled as much as the venue, he was feeling a fancy mixture of emotions. He’s loved music since his teens, when it offered a creative escape from the oppressive atmosphere at college where he was being targeted by bullies. After graduating from university, Seiji worked part-time jobs with the dream of saving up enough money to maneuver to Tokyo, join a band, and develop into a big-time musician…but he only achieved the primary two of those three goals. Not one of the bands he’s joined have had much success, and so when he discovered that Gilty x Gilty was having their major debut concert on the Spotify O-East concert hall, he couldn’t help but note that he had never played at such a big facility.

So though Seiji only wrote the lyrics for one in all Gilty x Gilty’s songs, “Stigma,” he was feeling the pressure of his artistic expression being a part of something with such a grand scale. At the identical time, he was impressed by the strong turnout of Gilty x Gilty fans, who were showing their support for the group by already lining up outside the door.

Once the doors opened, the place quickly filled up, with a big portion of the gang made up of ladies of their teens wearing gothic fashions, and most of the male attendees looking, in Seiji’s words, like “doll otaku.” The music began, and fans on the front standing area began jumping and shouting in time with the music, while on the back, space parted for enthusiastic wota-gei “otaku dance” glow stick routines.

But while fans were expressing it in other ways, everyone had gotten swept up in excitement for the music. After which it was time for Gilty x Gilty to sing Seiji’s song, “Stigma,” complete with the lyrics he’d written being projected onto the stage background.

Seiji suddenly found himself in a reflective mood. “I used to be never capable of make it up on a stage like this,” he thought. “There are probably all forms of the explanation why, but one thing that’s been a continuing in my life, since I used to be a little bit kid, is that I don’t have the ability to attract people to me. I wanted to vary that a part of me, and that’s why I first desired to develop into a musician, but in the long run, I couldn’t do it. It hurts.”

“But…Girugiru’s performance was so strong, so great that it purified all those emotions, and watching them, I felt like I used to be about to have tears streaming down my face.”

“It felt so good.”

Watching the sunshine filling up the concert hall, Seiji got here to a conclusion. “There was a component of me that I couldn’t change, so matter how hard I attempted, but now that a part of me has develop into this light. That’s not so bad. I’ve got to engrave this scene in my soul. Got to engrave this moment. Engrave it. Engrave it.”

“Engrave,” by the best way, can be a key phrase within the lyrics of “Stigma,” which include the road, “Engrave the proof that I’m alive into myself, as a prayer to refill the emptiness.”

Unfortunately, there’s not currently a music video for “Stigma,” but Seiji recommends Gilty x Gilty’s “Himitsu no Hako” (“Secret Box”) for those searching for a superb example of their sound, which he describes as grittier than typical sugary sweet idol music.

Gilty x Gilty can even be performing live on the upcoming Rad Jam (July 17 at Aichi Sky Exp) and Sekigahara Idol Wars (July 22-24 at Momokubari Undo Park) musical events, where Seiji hopes others will feel that very same purifying effect he experienced watching them on stage.

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