With Comiket returning, so is its anime-posters-for-otaku-blood blood drive

Donors get three posters this yr, which helps us estimate the worth of otaku blood.

It’s been two years for the reason that last Comiket, which is ordinarily a twice-a-year-event but has been on hiatus since December of 2019 as a result of repeated coronavirus-related cancellations and postponements. Fingers crossed, though, this month will mark the return of Japan’s largest doujinshi (self-published manga) event, as Comiket 99 is scheduled to happen on December 30 and 31.

With two years of pent-up demand, you may expect otaku money to be flowing throughout the vendor halls, and Comiket’s organizers are also hoping that otaku blood shall be flowing with the return of its cooperative blood drive with the Red Cross. As in years past, those willing to donate blood shall be rewarded with anime/game character art posters. This yr’s donors will receive a set of three, one for Cardfight Vanguard Overdress

…one for the Hololive Gamers virtual YouTuber quartet…

…and one for Alice Gear Aegis.

A blood donation center shall be arrange in front of the Panasonic Center constructing, which is situated just a brief walk from the Tokyo Big Sight convention center where Comiket shall be held. Nevertheless, the poster giveaway shall be running from December 30 all of the solution to January 31 at Red Cross blood donation centers across Japan, so even otaku who aren’t attending Comiket can still contribute/cash in on the campaign.

Alternatively, those that need to pitch in but are unable or unwilling to provide blood may give money, as the Hololive-design may be purchased outright as a tapestry online here, with profits being donated to the Red Cross. Incidentally, this also lets us make a rough estimate of the worth of otaku blood. The acquisition price of a single Hololive tapestry is 2,750 yen (US$23.90), but a 400-mililiter (13.5-ounce) blood donation gets you three posters, so let’s imagine the worth of the blood donation is 8,250 yen, or 20.625 yen per milliliter.

▼ Put in several terms, 750 milliliters, the quantity of liquid that a standard-size wine bottle can hold, can be value 15,469 yen, making otaku blood as useful as some fairly high-quality vintages.

These figures are merely estimates, though, because the 72.8-centmeter (28.7-inch) cloth tapestry is larger than the 59.4-centimeter paper posters from the Red Cross. In any case, the precise price for otaku blood will all the time remain fluid, so seek the advice of a financial planner before attempting to sell yours on the open market, and in case you’re planning to attend an upcoming doujinshi event, it is advisable to seek the advice of this etiquette reminder from a doujin artist.

Source: C Agent (1, 2) via Otakomu
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